Natalie Rukavishnikova

Multidisciplinary artist and Illustrator.


I work in oils, mixed media and digital, in shades of a muted palette, striving for vivid images of magical realism with elements of symbolism. I have been professionally creating personal paintings, graphics and objects since 2015.

Observing the surrounding world and living through my personal experience in it, I find poetic patterns in the reality of the world. In my artistic practice I interpret them and reflect on them with the help of figurative visualisation of characters and plots. I love to tell stories, reflect on emotions and human states through the prism of the characters I create, endowing them with special symbolism and immersing them in a surreal atmosphere. A world filled with secrets and magic, like a forgotten circus in the thicket of a dark forest.

My works are reflections on contradictions, struggle, fears. But also they are about strength, love and hope. About finding harmony and balance in this far from ideal world.

The characters face their own quests, difficulties and joys. Through the eyes of the heroes, left alone with their feelings, I study various states that we experience in the deepest corners of our mind.


My works are in private collections in the cities of the USA, OAE, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Belarus, Great Britain, Moldova, Czech Republic, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Israel and Austria.

I live and work in Moscow.


◉ For colaborations, taking part in shows, if You want to become a collector and any other directions feel free to contact by phone or e-mail.